Developing local entrepreneurs that can transform Delaware communities, revitalize neighborhoods and uplift families.

Launcher is ready to help individuals who have the passion to bring their dreams to fruition by starting/expanding their business.

The successful participant should:

  • Have a focused business idea​

  • Be willing to spend time outside of class researching and writing business plan​

  • Have the desire to invest in their ideas

  • Live or plan to set-up business in Launcher neighborhoods

The Launcher program is currently serving Delaware’s communities in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown, Claymont, Bellefonte and Edgemoor.  If your community is interested in hosting a Launcher program location, please contact Launcher for more details!

Applications are being accepted for the Spring 2022 Session.  If you have any questions regarding Fall 2021, please contact our Program Manager at 302-658-4171 x183. Thank you.

Accepting Applications for 2023

Spring 2024
Application Deadline: 11/27/24
Class Dates: 1/8/24 – 3/21/24

Fall 2023
Application Deadline: 7/19/23
Class Dates: 8/28/23 – 11/16/23