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“Small Businesses” are defined as businesses having fewer than 500 employees.  Small Businesses are the life blood of our economy and their impact is immense:

  • 28.8 million Small Businesses represent 97.7% of ALL American businesses

  • 56.8 million or 48% of Americans are employed by Small Businesses

  • 97.7% of Trade Exporters are Small Businesses

-United States Small Business Profile 2016,  US Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy

Launcher is an exciting new program that works to harness the power of Small Business and strengthen and stabilize the economic and social fabric of communities by supporting the start-up and expansion of micro-enterprises.   Launcher’s success is made possible by the involvement of community partners and the support of individuals.

Volunteer and Internships

You have the opportunity to strengthen our economy and communities with the Launcher team in program administration, special events, and marketing.