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Tina Hudson-Beamer, born and raised Doverian, also an alumna of Dover High School and Delaware State University has made her mark celebrating three years of being in business. Tina has a background in retail management from, low level management to top level operations management. Tina’s love for fashion and modeling created a unique style dreaming of one day opening her own boutique.  


Her Story

When asked during an interview, did any hardships occur while in business? Tina explains.

“When I decided, I was going to open my own boutique, I literally went at it head on. I started researching agencies and resources that could help me get the ball rolling. I took a couple of entrepreneurial classes and reached out to SCORE. I somehow came across Launcher, a community business resource program, completed their course and was armed with knowledge, resources, a completed business plan and confidence”.

On June 1, 2019 about 7 months after Tina graduated from the Launcher program, she opened Tina’s Timeless Threads as a 3-month pop-up shop. Things were going well as Tina started building a clientele base, building her brand while making valuable connections. Nine months later, in the middle of the second week of March, business had to come to a halt due to Covid-19 pandemic. Having a substantial amount of inventory, Tina started selling items in bulk through Facebook marketplace and eBay in order to pivot the business to stay afloat.  

Applying for any and every grant she could find, Tina was excited to be 1 out of 67 businesses throughout the country to win the HartBeat of Main Street grant. This grant was a game changer for Tina; although she had a brick-and-mortar, it didn’t create an online presence. She used the funding to get assistance with creating an online website, technology updates such as, a printer to print labels, order slips for a new ecommerce; an upgraded POS (point of sale) system for better inventory management, and efficient checkout process. During the shutdown Tina was able to reach out to vintage platforms such as Shopthrilling, a black-owned business, while remodeling her store giving functional fitting rooms, additional space and a better visual feel. 

What does Tina want to accomplish with Tina’s Timeless Threads?

To continue providing events for the community such as, dance lessons, pinup contests and photoshoots. Tina’s Timeless Threads will embrace all eras and use as much vintage fabric as possible. She is currently working on organizing a vintage fair in Dover 2023. Tina feels that her area lacks activities that are outside the norm of what people are used to. People would not believe that Tina Hudson-Beamer was born and raised in Dover because, a shop of this nature is not typical, seems like a shop that could be located in New York City. She hopes to change that notion with her ideas, activities and fashions.   

Upcoming Events/Promotions

Last year 2021, Tina collaborated with Actors Attic for a pop-up which turned the men’s section of her store into a Halloween Shop. She will be doing the same this year. Here are a few photo’s from the event.




October 1st Tina will be hosting a Glamorous/Pinup shoot with a team from LA. Book your session at maud@glitzent.com or on Instagram @glitzentertainmentla

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Connect with Tina

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